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Competitive Shooting


Club AR16

The Ancient and Honorable Pistol and Rifle Society of Baxter holds a monthly shooting matches at the Ozark Dynamics Training Facility.  USPSA, Steel Challenge, and Precision Rimfire Series matches are just some of the fun awaiting you.  Multigun, cowboy action, and ICORE will be added in the future.  If you are a competitive shooter, no matter the discipline, you will find something here.


  June 1:             USPSA Level 1 Match
  June 15:          Steel Challenge Match
  June 22:         Precision Rimfire Match
  June 29:         Multi-Gun Match
  July 6:             USPSA Level 1 Match
  July 20:          Steel Challenge Match
  July 27:           Precision Rimfire Match

  Aug 3:             USPSA Level 1 Match
  Aug 17:            Steel Challenge
  Aug 24:           Precision Rimfire Match
  Aug 31:            Multi-Gun Match
  Sep 7:             USPSA Level 1 Match
  Sep 21:           Steel Challenge Match
  Sep 28:          Precision Rimfire Match
  Oct 5:             USPSA Level 1 Match  CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP
  Oct 19:            Steel Challenge Match
  Oct 26:          Precision Rimfire Match
  Nov 2:           USPSA Level 1 Match
  Nov 16:         Steel Challenge Match
  Nov 23:         Precision Rimfire Match
  Nov 30:         Multi-Gun Match
  Dec 7:           USPSA Level 1 Match
  Dec 21:         Steel Challenge Match
  Dec 28:        Precision Rimfire Match

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               USPSA                                       STEEL CHALLENGE                            PRECISION RIMFIRE
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The United States Practical Shooting Association is where handgun speed shooting devotees gather.  To get started, you need your favorite handgun, a belt and holster, eye and ear protection, and lots of ammunition.  You may shoot around a barrier, through a window, with your weak hand, at a disappearing target and even from a rusted out old car! Always against the clock, you'll need to reload along the way, "run and gun" from target bank to target bank, knock down steel plates, keep from shooting "good guy" targets swinging in front of "bad guy" targets and much, much more. This fast-paced sport is dominated by semi-automatics, both factory stock and customized, but revolver shooters are also welcome and have their own shooting class.


The Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) that consists of eight standardized stages with steel targets in three sizes; small circular, large circular and rectangular targets. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time.

Steel Challenge has many similarities with IPSC, but has a more TV- and spectator friendly format because of simpler rules and the stages being the same from year to year.


Precision Rimfire competition offers the thrills of long-range shooting similar to Precision Rifle Shooting but with the cost-effectiveness of rimfire ammo.

Over the last few years precision rimfire participation has exploded. Matches featuring the diminutive .22 LR cartridge blasted out well beyond 200 yards have become common. Increased interest in both the Practical Rimfire Challenge (PRC) and the National Rifle League rimfire division (NRL22) showcase this surge in the popularity of precision rimfire competition.

This is a pure precision-rifle shooting experience that is readily accessible to the masses. Using the relatively cheap and inexpensive .22 LR platform with a decent scope and ammo, and you can excel in Precision Rimfire

A simple Ruger 10/22 rifle paired with a decent magnification optic will put you in good enough shape to place well in the PRC semi-automatic division, as long as it’s properly zeroed, you are feeding it good ammo, and know your hardware well.

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