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Introduction to the AR-15 Rifle

Enrollment fee includes rifle rental and ammunition. You will not need to bring your personal rifle to this class.


The AR-15 is America's Rifle, the modern day musket, despite the vitriol of politicians and media talking heads who decry such firearms as the very embodiment of military villainy.

This course covers the fundamentals of owning, operating, and maintaining America's most popular sporting rifle, the AR-15. If you are new to this platform, recently purchased one for self-defense, or just want to learn more about the AR-15, this class is for you.

The class will cover the system overview, terminology, parts, ammunition, firearm safety, and needed accessories. You will learn how to zero your rifle, shooting positions, and loading/unloading. You will also learn how to move forward with different programs in your firearm training.

This will be a classroom session in the morning and live-fire training in the afternoon.

During the live fire training, you will be provided with an AR 15-22 rimfire rifle and ammunition. No need to bring your own rifle! However, if you do want to bring your own AR-15 you are absolutely welcome to do so. You will need at least 100 rounds of ammunition for your personal rifle. We have .22LR and .223 ammunition available for sale if you want extra.

The next Introduction to the AR-15 Rifle class is Saturday, February 18th