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Sunday Afternoon Skill Builder

We will offer a different set of skills each Sunday afternoon through the end of the summer. Grab your gun, or guns, ammunition for each, and come join us each Sunday afternoon at the range to learn new skills or refine old ones under the watchful eyes of our professional, highly experiences staff. You pick and choose where you want to go! Want to shoot steel and work on smoothing out your trigger press? We have it! Want to work on your target transitions? We have it! Want to just shoot on your own and have someone immediately available to provide assistance or feedback? That's us! Each week we will offer a different variety of skills to work. From up close and personal with your handgun to reaching out and touching someone with your rifle, and with some medium distance shotgun and carbine stuff thrown in for good measure, we will offer just about everything you could imagine. As soon as we get our hands on a 120mm mortar, we have a guy who can teach you to lob rounds over to the other side of Cotter*
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* We have leased a large plot of land for an impact area. But not really. We wish we were serious about this one but sorry. No.