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Skeet Shoot

We don't pretend to have a fancy skeet range around here.  This is skeet shooting like you did when you were a kid:  a few hand throwers and a couple of the kind you pull a string to launch.  No fancy electronics, high/low houses, or even a nice sidewalk with shooting stations around here.  Stand on the hill in front of Bay 1, yell "PULL!", and shoot at whatever flies across your field of view.  

We at Ozark Dynamics believe that shotgunning is a far more gentlemanly pursuit that any other shooting sport but this is no frills, Mississippi bean field style shooting.  And we guarantee you will love it!  Come give it a try.


We have cases of clays for sale as well as shotgun ammunition (most of the time we have shotgun ammo, check with us first). 

We DO NOT have rental shotguns for skeet shooting.  You'll need to bring your own.