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Shooting Bays

The shooting bays are ready to go!  We have held USPSA matches and classes since May 2021.  Bays 1 - 3 are up and running and are being constantly improved upon.  Bay 2 has 8 shooting lanes under a covered shoot house.  Bays 1 and 3 are open to the Arkansas sun but we have plans to build shoot houses in each of them in 2023.

Bays 4 - 7 are still under construction.  We are looking to have them ready by early next year.  Bay 7 is a smaller bay and is intended for specialty use so it will not normally be used in day to day operations.

All bays are rated for fully automatic fire less than 50 caliber.  Bay 1 is set up as a 25 yard rifle zero to get on paper prior to going to the 250 yard rifle range.  Handguns, carbines, and shotguns are all okay in Bays 1 - 6.

By appointment only, we can set up skeet throwers in Bay 1 for shotgunning fun!