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Range Packages

Why just shoot one gun when you can experience a variety of them?  

Set your eye on the target with a variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns!  

Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!  Practice being a sniper while you shoot a .308 caliber rifle at distant targets, feel the satisfying kick of a tactical shotgun as you blast away in an urban environment, or try out a variety of modern handguns in a safe and private environment under the direct supervision of our professional staff.

With our expert and highly trained range safety officers, you will not feel intimidated holding a firearm for the first time.  We provide a full rundown of the terminology, gun design and operation, safety procedures, essential tips and techniques, and above all, the chance to learn by doing.  So step up, take aim, and score an experience that is indisputably thrilling.

We will take plenty of pictures and videos for you to post to your favorite social media sites so you can show all of your friends what a bad ass you truly are!

SEAL Team Experience


Urban Assault


SWAT Sniper


Beginner Friendly


Suppressed Firearms


Handgun Experience


Machine Guns!


Bring Your Own Guns

Skeet Shoot