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Arkansas Standard Concealed Carry

This course is for the responsibly armed citizen. The class provides the basic knowledge you need to obtain the Arkansas Standard Concealed Carry license. It covers areas of the law relevant to carrying a concealed firearm, responsible use of force, avoiding victimization, and decision making skills.

In order to obtain your Arkansas Concealed Carry Handgun License, you must do the following:

Apply online with the Arkansas State Police by clicking here.

Enroll in one of our courses here.

This course includes sufficient ammunition (9mm or .22LR only) to complete the required course of fire.

The following will be covered:
Arkansas Stand Your Ground Law
Situational awareness and personal safety
Criminal law and civil liability
Concealed carry law and reciprocity with other states
Handgun fundamentals
Safe firearm handling and firearm safety rules
Proper shooting technique
Case law
Escalation and use of force
Basic defensive shooting skills

This course also covers the types and components of firearms and ammunition as well as the different types of handguns.