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Ozark Dynamics has several different models of handguns available for rent.  In some classes, handguns are made available for students to try out to help find the right gun for them.  

What is the best handgun out there?  The absolute best handgun out there is the one that fits your hand and is simple to operate.  At Ozark Dynamics, we prefer a modern 9mm, striker fired handgun with no external safeties, decockers, hammers, knobs, buttons, switches, etc.  Simpler is better.  When it comes to the handgun you carry every day for personal defense, simple is the predominant consideration.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 SWMP9.jpg    
Canik TP9 SF Elite TP9.png    
H&K VP9  VP9.jpg    
CZ P-10C CZ P-10C.png    
Walther PPQ PPQ.png    
Glock 17 G17.png    
Archon Type B Archon Type B.jpg