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The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility

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The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility

Ozark Dynamics is the premiere training group in the Ozarks. We offer a broad variety of training courses that cover everything from basic to advanced firearms handling skills. If you're a brand new shooter who has never touched a firearm or a long time shooter with decades of experience, we have a course that will fit. From pistols to rifles to shotguns, and a few other things to add to your interest, we are the place for you to come learn new skills or improve old skills.  We offer private and group lessons if you would like to come train under the watchful eye of our highly trained and experienced instructor staff.  If you prefer to book some time and come shoot on your own, hit the BOOK NOW button and reserve your place.  

Ozark Dynamics is a live fire training facility.  We have almost twenty acres of shooting bays and a 250 yard rifle range.  All of our ranges feature steel targets ranging in size from 1/4" up to 12" gongs as well as IDPA plates.  We provide stands and backers if you prefer to shoot paper targets.  We have plate racks, dueling trees, Texas stars, various sized poppers, and moving targets.  Whatever you're looking for, we probably have.  Book your time and come shoot with us today! 

While we are open to the general public, we are a private range.  Nonmembers may book time to shoot with us Wednesday through Friday, but are restricted to a single shooting bay for handguns only.  Steel target bays and the rifle range are not available to nonmembers.  Nonmembers must purchase reasonably priced paper targets from our pro shop.  Range membership has many benefits:  Priority access to the shooting bays, rifle range access, no fee firearms transfers and CHCL renewals

As a responsibly armed citizen, you have an obligation to become as safe, confident, and competent with your firearm as possible.  That comes through consistent live fire training.  Your firearms skills must be learned, practiced, and mastered to the point of unconscious competence.  You train not until you get it right, but until you can not get it wrong.  The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility is the place to do just that.


The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility is conveniently located at 191 Shamrock Lane, Gassville, AR 72635.

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