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The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility

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The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility

Ozark Dynamics is the premiere training group in the Ozarks. We offer courses that cover a huge spectrum of firearms handling skills. If you're a brand new shooter who has never touched a firearm or a long time shooter with decades of experience, we have a course that will fit. From pistols to rifles to shotguns, and a few other things to add to your interest, we are the place for you to come learn new skills, improve old skills, or just shoot under the watchful eye of our highly trained and experienced instructors.

Ozark Dynamics is a live fire training facility.  We use real guns and real bullets for every training event.  Is reality based scenario training with firearm simulation devices an effective training tool?  You bet.  However, it is no replacement for live fire training.  True skill development is done on the live fire range where presentation from the holster, reloading, malfunctions, target transitions, and multiple engagements can all be practiced.

As a responsibly armed citizen, you have an obligation to become as safe, confident, and competent with your firearm as possible.  That comes through consistent live fire training.  Your firearms skills must be learned, practiced, and mastered to the point of unconscious competence.  You train not until you get it right, but until you can not get it wrong.  The live fire range is the place to do just that.


The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility is conveniently located at 191 Shamrock Lane, Gassville, AR 72635.

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