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Class Offerings

Ozark Dynamics is the premiere training facility in the Ozarks.  We provide professional instruction and training in a variety of disciplines from basic safety and firearms handling skills through personal defensive firearms training with rifles/carbines, pistols, and shotguns.

Nature has embedded a defense mechanism into our DNA that helps protect us faster than we can figure out what is happening.  It is not enough to simulate worst case scenarios.  We also need to simulate the intrinsic dynamics of how our mind and body function while under the influence of a sudden spike in significant stress.  All of our courses are powered by Intuitive Defensive Shooting, a program predicated on the experience of a surprising, chaotic, and life threatening moment.  IDS is based on decades of constantly evolving information about how the body and mind work during a chaotic, life threatening incident and provides the most efficient way to engage a threat with a defensive firearm.

To that end, we proudly offer a variety of courses to build confidence and skill that will enhance your ability to defend yourself and loved ones in life threatening situations.  

The Ozark Dynamics Training Facility is located at 191 Shamrock Lane, Gassville, AR.


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