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Lowell T. Miller Multipurpose Range

The crown jewel of the Rodger W. Young Range Complex is the Lowell T. Miller Multipurpose Range.  Unlike any other in the region, our outdoor venue features a total of seven bays which are designed to provide a safe, comfortable shooting area without obstructing the natural backdrop.  All bays can accommodate pistol caliber rounds up to .44 caliber.  Bay 1 is the only bay where rifles are allowed on the Multipurpose Range and uses paper targets only.  Bays 2 and 3 feature many different steel targets:  plate racks, dueling trees, plates, gongs, swingers, and movers are just some of the loud clangy fun waiting for you.  Bays 4 through 7 are normally not used as they are reserved for USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge matches.  Bays 4 through 7 may be reserved by members only and at the discretion of Ozark Dynamics management.

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