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The Robert S. Pugh Rifle Range


The Robert S. Pugh Rifle Range is 250 yards long and features all steel targets.  With a covered shooting area nestled in the trees on the east, the rifle range stretches to the west with target stations every 50 yards. 

Rifle Range Procedures

Yellow targets are .22 rimfire ONLY!  DO NOT shoot our yellow targets with anything other than .22 rimfire.

Anything red is a NO SHOOT.  Target frames, stands, posts, signs, etc that are red are not meant to be shot.

All other steel targets are designed to withstand rounds up to but NOT including .50 caliber.

The orange barrier on the south side of the range road is the leftmost limit.  Do not point your muzzle past the orange barrier.

The treeline on the north side of the range is the rightmost limit.  Do not point your muzzle past the treline.

Target Stations

25 Yards:   Steel spinners and plate rack.     Rimfire ONLY

50 Yards:   Steel spinners and plates.            Rimfire ONLY

75 Yards:    Steel spinners and plates.           Rimfire ONLY

100 Yards:  Steel plates

150 Yards:  Steel plates

200 Yards: Steel plates

250 Yards: Steel plates

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