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The Private Rodger W. Young Range Complex

The Private Rodger W. Young Range Complex consists of seven shooting bays, a rifle range, and an archery range. 

Bays 1, 2, and 3 are 25 yards deep by 25 yards wide.  Bay 4 is 25 yards deep by 40 yards wide. Bays 5 and 6 are 35 yards deep by 40 yards wide.  Bay 7 is 35 yards deep by 15 yards wide.

The rifle range is 250 yards long by 25 yards wide.  There are steel targets at 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 yards.  Future plans for the rifle range include extending it to 400 yards and a covered shoot house.

The archery range is 60 yards long by 50 yards wide.  Targets are located at 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.  Future plans include 60 yard targets and a covered shooting area.

Shooting bays 1 - 6 are rated for pistols, carbines, and shotguns.  maximum caliber allowed is .45  Bay 2 has a covered shooting area.

Bay 7 is smaller and is used for classifier stages for USPSA matches and other specialty uses.  It is normally not used for day to day shooting.

 Shooting  Bays  

Bay 1SFC Sean M. Cooley25 x 25 yards 

Bay 2SGT Timothy Osbey25 x 25 yards 

Bay 3SGT Audrey D. Lunsford25 x 25 yards 

Bay 4SSG Saburant Parker25 x 40 yards 

Bay 5SPC Daniel Varnado35 x 40 yards 

Bay 6SPC Bryan E. Barron35 x 40 yards 

Bay 7MAJ Lowell T. Miller35 x 15 yards 

Rifle RangeSPC Robert S. Pugh250 yards 

Archery Range1LT Robert C. Oneto-Sikorski60 yards

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