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Enroll in our Saturday September 14th Class!

You will need to do a few things to get your Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License.  The process is quite simple and we are here to help you every step of the way.

1)  Enroll in our Concealed Handgun Carry License course and receive your Training 

     Certificate.  You will get your Training Certificate at the end of class.

2)  Register with the Arkansas State Police.  Click this button 

     Select OPTION 1 to apply online.  When you have completed the registration 

     process, you will receive a CONFIRMATION NUMBER (Order ID).  This will be a

     long number starting with 2023...  Write the CONFIRMATION NUMBER on your   

     Training Certificate.  Hang on to your CONFIRMATION NUMBER as 

     you will need it for Step 3.

3)  Take your CONFIRMATION NUMBER to any LiveScan operator.  We recommend the

     Baxter County Sheriff's Department located at 904 Highway 62 West in Mountain

     Home.  It is where 9th Street meets Highway 62.

4)  Send your completed and signed Training Certificate to the Arkansas State Police:

                                                           Arkansas State Police

                                                           ATTN: CHCL Section

                                                          1 State Police Plaza Drive

                                                          Little Rock, AR 72209

Ozark Dynamics offers our Concierge Service for this class. 

For an additional fee of $25 we will handle all of the required paperwork for you. Dealing with any level of government can be frustrating.  Let us handle that part for you.

Click CONCIERGE SERVICE when you enroll. 

Arkansas CHCL Supplemental Information

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