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Elka King

Staff Instructor

Professional business women, wives, mothers, and daughters have realized the necessity of being able to competently defend themselves and have recognized their need should be met with appropriate training.

Elka is an experienced instructor with the skills necessary to provide professional defensive firearms training and create a learning environment that empowers women to succeed.  She has been where they are and can empathize with them and help them to succeed in learning to defend themselves with a handgun while increasing their confidence in their ability to do so.

Elka holds the following certifications:

Registered Pharmacist, Bachelor of Science, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

I.C.E. Training Company

Combat Focus / Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor

Certified Defensive Firearms Coach

National Rifle Association

Pistol Instructor

Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor

Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

Arkansas State Police

Concealed Carry Instructor #13-897

Responsible Armed Women Mentor at Twin Lakes Gun Club

Elka King
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