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United States Practical
Shooting Association

Our next USPSA match is Saturday February 3rd
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USPSA is a shooting sport combining accuracy, power, and speed.  Shooting for points is weighed against shooting quickly while giving a scoring advantage to those shooting heavier recoiling handguns.  Targets consist of standardized cardboard silhouettes and various metal reactive targets that fall when hit.  A match is divided into smaller stages that range from a few rounds fired to over thirty rounds fired, depending upon the stage layout.  USPSA shooting is unique in its promotion of freestyle solving of a shooting problem.  When presented with a stage layout, shooters are told the basic guidelines and are left to solve the shooting problem themselves.  The shooter must come up with the best way to shoot the stage quickly and efficiently while balancing mental with physical ability.  The shooter has to think and be creative in order to excel!

The Ancient and Honorable Pistol and Rifle Society of Baxter is a sanctioned member club of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).  USPSA is the national governing body for the United States division of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).  All matches held by the Ancient and Honorable Pistol and Rifle Society of Baxter will follow these rules unless specifically noted.  USPSA membership is NOT required to shoot our monthly Level 1 matches, but we do recommend that you join in order to help promote this fast paced, exciting sport. 


USPSA matches hosted by the Ancient and Honorable Pistol and Rifle Society of Baxter are held at the Ozark Dynamics Training Facility.  The training facility is located at 191 Shamrock Lane, Gassville, Arkansas.  



Our level 1 matches are held on the first Saturday of each month.  

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Gates Open

The match stages are set up the week before the match and finishing touches are made the morning of the match.  Volunteers are always welcome to come out and help make this task a bit easier.

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Registration

In person registration begins the morning of the match.  We encourage all shooters to create a Practiscore account and register online prior to the match in order to streamline the process.  A Practiscore account in not required but would certainly help!  

9:45 AM Safety / Shooter Briefing

Our standard safety and shooter briefing.  Here we will cover any last minute issues along with the safety briefing and facility rules and SOPs.

10:00 AM Match Begins

Have fun and shoot safely!


Standard Match Fee:  $20


  • Eye and ear protection.  Required on the range at all times during the match

  • A serviceable handgun held in a holster that resides on the belt and securely covers the entire trigger guard

  • 3 - 6 magazines or speed loaders with belt mounted magazine pouches

  • 250 – 300 rounds of ammunition

  • Food and drink if you wish.  We have local food trucks at each match and encourage shooters to grab a bite to eat and help support local businesses.  During the hot summer months the club will provide ice chests with bottled water.  In the winter, there is coffee in the clubhouse for registered shooters.

  • Feel free to bring carts, buggies, chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment to make you more comfortable during the match.

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