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Our next Precision Rimfire Match is Saturday January 27th.  Get registered for the match below!




Our Precision Rimfire Series competition offers the thrills of long range shooting with centerfire rifles but with the cost effectiveness (and additional challenges) of rimfire ammunition.  Ozark Dynamics is pleased to offer this exciting new competition to our already impressive lineup.  Whether you're brand new to competitive shooting or you've been shooting for years, precision rimfire matches are a great way to have fun and challenge yourself in the process.

     Unlike traditional Precision Rifle Series matches that can, and do, stretch out to over 1000 yards, Precision Rimfire match distances rarely exceed 250 yards.  Precision Rimfire matches mimic Precision Rifle matches by pairing the diminutive .22LR round with equally small targets.  Precision Rimfire adds time restraints and shot limits as well as barriers and obstacles to overcome while shooting.

     A huge advantage to the .22LR round is vastly reduced cost as well as recoil.  The low recoil paired with inexpensive ammunition allows anyone to get started with a minimal investment.  So how do you get started?


Rifle:    Most gun owners have at least one .22LR rifle.  Practically any .22 rifle will work.  We recommend a bolt

            action or semi-automatic with a detachable magazine.  While we allow tube fed rifles, we discourage their

            use due to potential safety issues.

Ammunition:  For your first several matches, just shoot whatever .22LR ammunition you have.  As you grow in 

                        the sport, you will definitely want to start exploring the variety of match grade ammunition out 


Optic:  When deciding what optic to use for competition, there are a few critical features:

             Adjustable Magnification:  Because you will be engaging targets over a variety of distances, the ability to

             change magnification to find and engage the target is vital.

             Exposed Turrets:  Due to time constraints for each stage, the ability to quickly and easily adjust the 

             elevation of your optic will be very useful.

             FFP:  A first focal plane optic is key.  You'll want the subtensions of the reticle to be usable no matter 

             what magnification you've set.

             MIL or MOA:  This is personal preference.  However, the majority of competitors at the highest levels

             use MILs.  

Bipod/Support Bag:  The options are infinite.  But you'll need something to help steady your rifle!

Other Gear:  Binoculars, spotting scopes, wind meters, ballistic calculators, tripods, backpacks, etc.  As you

                       grow in the sport you'll definitely accumulate useful equipment.

ALL you really need to get started is your rifle, optic, and a bipod or support bag.  After a few competitions, you'll see what other shooters are using.  Ask questions!  Most people are more than happy to show off their gear or even let you borrow something.

A Practiscore account is REQUIRED for PRS matches. 
A Practiscore account is free.  Register here:  
Precision Rimfire Series Rulebook
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