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Mike Sisk

Staff Instructor

Mike is a Master Class USPSA shooter who brings a wealth of knowledge to Ozark Dynamics.  Since the late 1990s he has won numerous 3 gun, USPSA, and handgun state titles in Arkansas and Missouri.  After taking a couple of defensive shooting classes, he realized that defensive shooting required a different mindset.  That led him to becoming a certified Intuitive Defensive® Shooting instructor.

Mike holds the following certifications:


National Rifle Association

Pistol Instructor

Rifle Instructor

Range Safety Officer

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home


I.C.E. Training

Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor


American Red Cross 



Mike teaches the following courses at Ozark Dynamics:

Intuitive Defensive Handgun

Intuitive Defensive Carbine

Introduction to Competitive Shooting

Women's Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals

Mike Sisk
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